I am not what I wear

Graduation project 2018 – AMFI by Denise Admiraal

In today’s shifting fashion industry, social relevance is of importance, due to an overload of products, fabrics, clothing and options can result in an identity crisis. Our inner self is our identity but consuming and the way we look is creating our status at the moment. This Manifesto is about Inner Sustainability. Fashion is so much more than the fabric our bodies wear. Fashion is culture, identity and social as well. The philosophy of ‘inner-fashion’ is caught in a manifesto where consumers become aware of their buying behaviour. In addition, discussing themes such as identity, cultivation, media and branding. Consumers are challenged to join an inner-revolution by making their statements about the current fashion landscape. By printing these statements on T-shirts, consumers can stand for their personal vision and be part of a revolution.

Model: Judith Siemons -Graphic support: Sjondebaron
Photography & Styling support from Nikki Huiberts & Kristel Frich