In May 2019 we have launched Arthood Talks. Our first podcast serie “Am I my online profile?” is a philosophical question which we are discussing as a collective.

We organised an event at Doka Volkshotel to launch our podcast, including an installation with 36 quotes that flourished from 30 interviews combined with 30 portrets with creative women about their online and offline perspectives.  We invited other collectives and creatives to join us on this evening. Check our talk with Volkshotel here. We always strive to work together with other creatives on publications, exhibitions, events and talks. We additionally always would like to connect with people who will fit a certain topic, to get the project out in the right way.

Big thanks to:
SEEYOUATFRANK, Creative women collective, Art Harder, The Source Amsterdam, Sioejeng Tsao, & Volkshotel